Never-never School'19: Mapping the In-between

SAVE THE DATE: 26.8.–6. 9. 2019

In the current urban discourse we tend to envision cities as constantly growing structures. Even in the “shrinking” or stagnating post-socialist European cities we dream of large developments to fill in the “empty” spaces of the many brownfields. Alternative proposals to those of the commodified real estate market are non-existent or quickly hushed away.

During this year’s summer school we will take a closer look at one such site stretched along the river Hornad, near the city centre of Kosice, Slovakia. Trapped in a permanent limbo state between utopian desire of future city district and stagnating reality, there is a peculiar quality to its in-betweenness. We want to consider the site not as a blank void soon to be filled but as an already existing network of dynamic human and non-human relationships that could be the starting point for degrowth utopias beyond the anthropocentric present.

Through different methods of mapping, phenomenological research and dramatical storytelling we want to give voice to various present and future actors and thus smoothly move between now and then.

Stay tuned for more info soon.

Get it touch if you are interested in collaborating. We are particularly interested in mapping experts and open minded pubblishers.

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