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Never-never school is a unique space for community learning and research about cities. We as emerging architects, sociologists and urban planners living and working in the context of Central Europe invite you to Košice, Slovakia. Join us for the first edition of this experiment in co-creation centred on urban visioning and exploration of new utopias.

Never-never focuses on peer-to-peer exchange and transdisciplinarity in order to create a rich learning space for all participants. In the course of the summer school, collaborative learning models and a variety of formats  are tested and developed in order to foster collaboration beyond the school’s frame.

The sites of modernist planning present to this date unfinished images of past utopia. Not just images, for they are lived realities for many. A reality often symptomatic of malfunctioning transport, poor public spaces or social exclusion. By revisiting the “Soviet” urban tradition with the concept of utopia, we propose to reconsider the built and the social as well as the problem-solving oriented approach of the past – still all too present today. We try to rethink again the concept of utopia as a form of speculative political action.

Our site of exploration will be a panel suburb (“sídlisko”) Ťahanovce in Košice, Slovakia. The construction of the neighbourhood started in the 80’s but as the regime changed the original plans got never realised. Unfinished structure doesn’t meet the needs of its residents and brought about problems with traffic, crime and non-functional public space.

Can new utopias meaningfully answer the old ones?

The summer school is open foremost to students and recent graduates from the fields of architecture, urban design and sociology, but we also welcome anyone interested in the topics of space and urban transformation may it be artists, photographers, designers, writers, illustrators, planners or simply enthusiasts. We ask just for two things:

1. you must be comfortable communicating in English and 2. must be able to be participate in the whole programme during 3. 9.–8. 9. 2018.

Due to limited capacity we will select up to 30 participants to create a group with varied skills and interests.

We ask you therefore to submit the following:

• a short CV concerning your background, interests and field of work (cca 1 A4-page)

• a concept sketch on the topic “Urban Utopia Now” as text (cca 1 A4 page), image (cca 1 A3 page) or video (cca 1 min). The length is recommended, let there be no limit to your imagination!


Send the documents to before July 30th. 


We will communicate the selection results to everyone by email by August 2nd.


2.–8. 9. 2018


Košice, Slovakia


The summer school will take place from Sunday 2nd until Saturday 8th of September 2018 in Košice, Slovakia. The official program starts Monday 3rd on 10AM and finishes on Friday 7th on 10PM.



The main venue of the summer school will be Tabačka Kulturfabrik. Here is where we will work and where the public events will be held. Part of the program takes place on the site, in Ťahanovce.
Accomodation for people outside of Košice is provided in a hostel nearby the workshop spaces.



100 Eur
Lectures, accommodation (for non-Košice residents), food (breakfasts, lunches, dinners), public transport in the city, internet connection, studio space and printing material are included in the fee.

Please note that the participants must provide themselves for visas, travel expenses to and from the summer school as well as for their own insurance.

All participants should also bring their own laptops.



Participants arrange the travel themselves.
Travel by train from Vienna, Prague, Budapest.

Nearest airports: Košice, Budapest, Bratislava.


Please contact us for any further information.

The summer school is organised by Spolka in collaboration with

Spolka is a collective of architects, urbanists and sociologists encouraging and supporting people and organisations in the co-creation of their cities. is a national part of established community of architecture students. EASA (European Architecture Students Assembly) is a platform for cultural and educational exchange. EASA is built up of equal representatives spread throughout the whole continent.

This event is organized with kind support of Tabačka Kulturfabrik, Nadácia Tatrabanky and K13.

Logo and graphic design: Kristína Šebejová

Photography: Imrich Veber

Architecture summer school.