Shaping discourse

Selection of talks and texts produced by Spolka's members. Since most of our projects are directly connected to education and shaping of discourse, you find here also their overview.

Lectures & talks

2.3.2021 | Interview on the radio: Care and the City on Slovak Radio Regina, listen to the interview here (in Slovak language only) (85′).

1.2.2021 | Interview on the radio: Utópia našich miest on Slovak Radio FM, listen to the interview here or on Spotify (in Slovak language only) (105′).

15.10.2020 | Conference paper: Mapping with Care as an Outline for Post-neoliberal Architecture Methodologies – Tools of the “Never-Never school”, Architektúra & Urbanizmus (2020, Volume 54, No. 1 – 2). You can read the article at Academia. Not into reading? Watch our presentation of the article in the archive of the (UN)PLANNED CITY online conference.

22.9.2020 | Interview on the radio: Let's break away from fixed ideas about the form of cities! Architects and sociologists from Spolka provoke the imagination on Czech Radio Vltava, listen to the interview here (in Czech and Slovak language only) (35′).

10.9.2020 | MIB talk: How can one street change the image of the city? with Metropolitný inštitút Bratislavy.

5.8.2020 | Interview in the radio: Die Stadt, das sind wir alle - das Kollektiv Spolka aus Košice in Slovakia International, listen to the interview here (in German language only) (15′).

17.6.2020 | Lecture about principles of how to work together across disciplines during online course Feminist City for students of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Fakultät Architektur und Urbanistik.

29.11.2019 | Conference paper: Mapping the in-between at the conference Budoucnost je dnes (Future is Now) organised by Společnost pro zahradní a krajinářskou tvorbu.

9.10.2019 | Lecture: Never-never School: Mapping the in-between for students of TIM at MUNI (Masaryk University) Brno, CZ. More about Never-never School 2019: Mapping the in-between.

10.4.2019 | Talk about Spolka's activities in Bratislava Kunsthalle, part of discussion format Art for public space.

14.2.2019 | Talk about Spolka's activities at Night of Architecture at Faculcy of architecture at STU in Bratislava.

6.10.2018 | Conference paper Peer to peer. “Všetko, čo naozaj potrebujem vedieť, som sa naučila od kamarátky” at conference Modely umeleckého vzdelávania. Odkiaľ a kam? na TU Košice.

27.9.2018 | Talk about the project Plán pre Košice with Martinom Jergušom from ÚHA Košice during Pecha Kucha Night Bratislava Vol 41: Institutional changes. More about the project here.

29.3.2018 | Talk about Spolka's activities during Pecha Kucha Night Košice

24.11.2017 | Conference paper Dealing with public space in (post)socialist context of Kosice's panel housing estates at the conference (NE)VIDITELNÁ MĚSTA at MUNI (Masaryk University) Brno, CZ.

22.9.2017 | Conference paper Turning school into a space of community at Berlin conference Learning from Context. Building social competence from local knowledge.

11.8.2017 | Talk about Spolka's activities during Pecha Kucha Night Žilina vol.3


17.12.2020 | Workshop: What and who makes up the city? What aspects of space are important for me in the city? What and who creates the city and claims it? In our mapping workshops we facilitate sensitive approaches to planning on theoretical and practical grounds. More about our approach to mapping is available in a short blog post about the workshop we prepared for Hraničář gallery. (unfortunately this time only in Slovak)

25.9.2020 | Webinar: Urban Space Mapping and Joint Planning was part of Urban Exploration by CIKE. More about the workshop and its results here.

26.8.2020 | Workshop: Spaces of Collectivity for students of KISK summer school organized by the Institute of Information and Library Studies at Masaryk University.

28.-29.6.2019 | Workshop: Spaces of Collectivity and participation at panel diskussion commoning / communing na sympóziu sharing/learning: Methods of the Collective in Art, Research and Activism at Berlin University of the Arts. More about the symposium here.
More about the workshop and its results here.

Texts by Spolka



On the last day of the department store Prior being open before its final closure and unclear redevelopment, we organised a lecture and public discussion in order to open the questions of the importance of the building and the value of its architecture.

Recording of the lecture and discussion on Soundcloud. (in Slovak)

Facebook event and more info here. (in Slovak)