Ťahanovce 2084

Autumn 2018. Tiahanoftza’s inhabitants feel neglected by the city officials. Problems with traffic, the inefficiency of services have not been solved for decades, and the taxes never seem to be invested back in the district. The disbelief towards public administration is growing and the voices about claiming financial autonomy start to appear with the upcoming elections.

The favourite political candidate asks for gaining autonomy from the city, minimising the taxes, cutting the public intervention and privatisation.
Long live Hyper-liberalism!

The free market is a new faith.
Private ownership is sacred.
The laws of the market are valid absolutely.
No social ethics can set the limits to the free market.

To achieve the bright future, cooperatives are dissolved, real estates sold up. Residents seize parking spaces. Everything can be monetized, services such as educational facilities, police, healthcare or transportation are privatized. The local board of representatives is dismissed. Any construction policy is eliminated, development restrictions do not apply. There are no limits to the individual freedom. It is the year 2084; it is the New Time.

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