Plán pre Košice

Košice city is preparing a new Masterplan for the present one has undergone many changes and no longer meets current needs. Today, we are thinking about how to perceive the city as a whole in the context of the 21st century. This means, for example, coping with the decline in industrial production, traffic constraints and environmental problems.

Spolka in cooperation with the city mediates closer contact between the city and the public in order to improve better understanding of the contents of Masterplan´s preparations.

In February 2018, Spolka launched a new information website and video at, where residents can learn about city planning procedures and documentation. This brings together a unique connection between media art and urbanism. With the help of new technologies, the Plán pre Košice project provides a complex technical documentary with a simple speech and attractive art page.

During April and May, exhibitions, happenings, lectures and workshops for the general and professional public took place.

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