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Essays about one Košice housing estate

Urban Dialogue With a Post-Socialist City is a collection of essays, utopias and other contributions. All of them are based on our research of the housing estate Ťahanovce in Košice, during the pilot edition of Never Never School 2018: Can the former socialist housing estates become places to live and not just places to spend the night? How do they respond to changing policies and economic systems? Can new utopias respond meaningfully to old ones? The collection was published on St Nicholas Day and can be accessed online for free at this link. That way you can easily download it and send it as a gift as well. Happy reading!

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Graphic #climate change

Košice, as well as practically the whole of Slovakia, is in an area of ​​even more significant temperature rise than the global average. We all felt it. Lost “white winter” and sledging on Červený breh, faded sound of the birds, dried up century-old chestnut trees in front of our house, sold-out air-conditioning in shops, or crop losses in our gardens. Graphic by Katarína Štefanková, which was created in parallel to the exhibition Košice ±40°C, visualizes the main impacts of climate change on the city of Košice. According to the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, whose data are the basis for this graphic, extreme heat and torrential rains await us in Košice. Must have to any home or office!

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Publication Mapping the In-Between

The bilingual publication Mapping the In-Between: Interdisciplinary Methods for Envisioning Other Futures is the outcome of the international summer school that explored the potential of interdisciplinary mapping and utopian visioning as an alternative way of developing the city. During the school, various proposals were made as actual alternatives to those of the commodified real estate market and the dreams of large developments of filling in the ‘empty’ spaces of the many brownfields. The texts collected here were developed in Košice, Slovakia, with the help of Never-never school’s participants and are a unique insight into the new possible models of cooperation and collaboration.

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Paperback, 144 pages
Published by Spolka, Košice

Title: Mapping the in-between: Interdisciplinary methods for envisioning other futures
Language: English and Slovak
ISBN print: 978-80-973580-0-6
ISBN online: 978-80-973580-1-3

Mapping the In-between (Lýdia Grešáková, Zuzana Tabačková, Spolka)
Listen to In-between – Notes from Terrain or Trash Methodology (Ján Solčáni)
Dreams (Zuzana Révészová, Hana Skljarszka)
The area between the river Hornád and the city centre – hidden possibilities (Martin Jerguš)
Pieces of land in pieces of paper (Petrică Mogoș, Laura Naum – KAJET Journal)
The creation of fictional literary place architecture or the manifesto as announcer of the future society (Michaela Zakuťanská)
Mémoires of an antique future – log of a contemporary archeology workshop (Zsófia Szőke)
A global invasion of urban amnesia (Nina Vukadin)
Refuge of biodiversity. Interview with ecologist Marcel Uhrin (Poppy Illsley)
What to See When You See Nothing (Karolina Michalik)
Re-imagining spaces for precarious communities (Elizabeth Short)
Walking dialogues: Between heaven, hell and paradise of post-urban landscape (Kateřina Sidiropulu Janků)
Spatial Intimacy – mapping as performative action (Diana Lucas-Drogan)
Planning futures with respect. Interview with geographer Philippe Rekacewicz (Poppy Illsley)
Utopia as a critical planning tool (Lýdia Grešáková)
…and other

SPECIAL: A combination of original graphic and a critical book

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A combination of original graphics and a critical book for a special price of 25 Euros
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Publication Playing Mestometer

Bilingual publication Playing Mestometer: Why do cities need a zoning plan? supports the dissemination of knowledge and principles acquired during the creation of the interactive Mestometer installation, which playfully educates on complex topics in zoning planning. Mestometer allows you to better understand the complex relationships between aspects of the city, which are represented in the zoning plan by a colour abstract map. It is intended to encourage people to make more informed and critical comments on the zoning plan. At the same time, it creates a physical space for meetings with representatives of local government and municipal authorities, for whom it can also be a tool for sharing experiences and a platform for multidisciplinary discussion on the direction of policies in the field of city-making. In the publication, you will find texts from the authors of the installation and two from external experts on participation and mobility. The texts are supplemented by illustrations, which are the core of the installation.

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Spin binding, 52×2 pages
Published by Creative Industry Košice, n.o. and Spolka o.z., Košice

Title: Playing Mestometer: Why do cities need a zoning plan?
Language: English and Slovak
ISBN print: 978-80-973956-0-5
ISBN online: 978-80-973956-1-2

Glossary of this publication and urban planning
Introduction (Lýdia Grešáková, Zuzana Tabačková)
The zoning plan as a political instrument of the image of the city (Zuzana Tabačková, Katarína Onderková)
City at play (Samuel Velebný)
Mestometer: Its parts and the whole (Samuel Velebný)
Transport in urban planning: what can the street do? From space to corridor and back – interview with Michal Šindelář (Lýdia Grešáková)
Urban planning is a shared pursuit (Terezie Lokšová)

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