forms sustainable cities for all. We involve the public in innovative urban development. We are a team of experts in the field of architecture and sociology. We work with education about the city by ways of discussion, our own research, artistic and architectural interventions and by education of stakeholders, organizations, city officials, common people or urban souls. We are based in Košice, Bratislava and Berlin:

picture credits: Spolka

Lýdia Grešáková

is a sociologist, publicist, and activist. She is engaged in issues such as the sustainability of cities, modes of public engagement in processes of (re-)making of cities, facilitation, and the role of critical art in politics. She is a member of Spolka collective, Imagination Collectif and was a research fellow at K LAB at TU Berlin, supporting two research projects that look at the intersection of critical mapping, socio-environmental transformation, and municipalist movements. She also worked as a consultant and facilitator of participatory processes in PDCS. She is amateur photographer.

Viktória Mravčáková

is an architect and urban planner who has a focus on public spaces, the politics of city planning, and the specific spatial phenomena of (post-socialist)cities. She studied architecture in Košice, and at the University of Applied Arts in Prague, as well as Environmental Studies at Kyoto University of Arts and Design. She is a member of the Spolka collective and worked at the Office of Public Space at the Institute of Planning and Development in Prague, where she was involved in topics such as art in the public space, and the public spaces of housing estates.

Katarína Onderková

is an architect based in Košice, Slovakia. She graduated in structural engineering and then in architecture, focusing on an interdisciplinary approach in the sense of blending architectural creation with art, public space and sociological dimension. In her case, the relationship between man and space is often explored deeper through contemporary dance.

Zuzana Révészová

graduated in art theory, law and sociology. She currently pursues a PhD in public administration and regional development at the Faculty of Economics at TU Košice, with a research focus on culture-led urban development. In parallel, she works for Creative Industry Košice as a project manager and researcher. She is also a member of the Spolka collective.

Michal Sládek

graduated from the Department of Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. He was influenced by his stay at the CEPT University in Ahmedabad, India, in a studio that focused on housing. Upon his return, he began working for the organization Člověk v tísni Slovensko (People in Need Slovakia) on the topic of housing in a socially excluded environment. In connection with his doctoral studies at the Faculty of Architecture of Slovak Technical University, he initiated the project Architekti v osade (Architects in Settlements). He worked in the production of the Pohoda festival for a long time. He occasionally plays as DJ Džbán.

Zuzana Tabačková

is an architect and urban planner with focus and interest in participatory design practice, urban commons, formal and informal spaces of education and built environment education. She studied architecture in Edinburgh and at the University of the Arts Berlin. Since 2018, she is a reseracher and lecturer of urban design and planning at TU Berlin, Institute for City and Regional Planning, Department of Urban Design and Planning. Zuzana is a member of the Spolka collective and JAS – Jugend Architektur Stadt.


is an extension of the team that results from the Spolka’s openness to collaborating closely on different projects with more souls than those originally there:

Kristína Bogárová

studied architecture at the Faculty of architecture and design STU in Bratislava (graduated in 2017) and a semester at KU Leuven v Belgium (2016). She is interested in innovative processes in planning, participatory planning and public spaces. Her aim is together with people create new ideas for improving their surrounding and finding ways how make them a reality.

picture credits: Lubos Micek

Lukáš Lengyel

Grammar police without a badge. After studying English language and literature at Masaryk University, he works on the family project Pet Farm Family, in his free time he translates academic papers, texts in publications and deals with the localization of websites or online marketing.

picture credits: Lukáš Lengyel

Alexandra Motýľ

is a young architect currently working in an architectural studio with a focus on interior design. She cares about people and the environment they live in. Her aim is to serve the surroundings and to create values that persist.

Adam Ogurčák

is a marketing consultant who currently works for an agency in Prague on several international projects. He is strongly interested in the topics of (co-)creation of cities and urbanism, and he joined forces with Spolka to connect this passion with his expertise. In the future, his steps are directed to Košice, where he wants to continue to focus on marketing and the city. According to him, advertising can also be done intelligently, without creating unnecessary visual smog in public space and supersaturating communication channels.

Dávid Sivý

is a father and a good friend. His works balance on the edge of experimental design and art. He mostly employs modern technologies and new media as his means of expression, as they lead to the creation of sensual and conceptual installations. Given the nature of his work, David is frequently the initiator of interdisciplinary collaborations, linking science and art. Visit his page to explore his projects.

picture credits: Dávid Sivý

Hana Skljarzska

is sociologist who has a focus on cultural sociology and materiality, and works as a consultant for formal and non-formal education. Previously, she led and managed the development of a new high school campus. She creates and leads experiential learning programs, teaching critical thinking to students, teachers and managers. She is currently working as a facilitator and consultant, and is cooperating with KOGA Studio in Brno on a strategy for cooperation with developers to create vibrant communities in old abandoned buildings in the city.

picture credits: David Hanko

Samuel Velebný

is visual artist, designer and essayist from Košice. His projects are conceptualizing complex mechanizms and relationships between society and environment. Tools of his storytelling are painting, object, digital animation and movie, software, machines and text.

picture credits: Samuel Velebný