Spolka Studio


Spolka specializes in smaller, co-created architectural projects, as well as crisis and intervention architecture. We believe that being involved in the making strengthens the relationship with the environment, and also the relationships between the participants. Therefore, we like and often involve the local people. Our goal is to create places that are sensitive and caring. Not only to people but to nature as well. At Spolka, the starting point for architectural projects is always careful research into the environment and needs. Our work embodies the following skills:

Holistic planning: from research through design to implementation.
Social research, sensitive interviews with interest groups and individuals.
Sensitive design.
Prompt interventions.
Ability to respond to site-specific conditions.
Developing methodology in the context of crisis design and designing in the context of humanitarian aid.
Consulting, educating and disseminating our methods.

We work at the scale of the building, street and neighbourhood – accessible to the public.

Selected works

*Since its establishment in 2016, Spolka has been involved in many projects. This is only a selection of a few that we consider among the most significant. Other works are published as an archive on the Slovak version of this website. If you are interested in any of the projects that are not translated here and are published only on the Slovak version of the website, please contact us and we will gladly tell you more about them.